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The team is composed of organisers, walkers, climbers, and other adventurous people of Mauritius. They want to create a small haven for like-minded active nature lovers, and share this enjoyable and active experience with holiday-makers in Mauritius.

Set in the inland region of the South of Mauritius, a unique and fascinating site awaits you!

For those who have always dreamed of flying, zip-lines allow you the opportunity to take flight just like a bird! When zip-lining in Mauritius you will fly over a river, trees, and rocks, discovering the fauna and flora of the landscape. Children and adults alike are not surprisingly overcome by the excitement, as the adrenaline flows through their veins when they fly for the first time.
There are a variety of zip-lines that fly over with cables varying in length, height and speed... Every zip-line is an exciting journey.
The smallest zip-line measures 180 meters while the longest takes you 500 meters away from your departure point. Altitudes vary from 20 to 40 meters and all zip-lines offer different experiences depending on their positioning. To date there are five zip-lines (about 1.4km of cable).

For an unforgettable day full of pleasant memories – try zip-lining down in the south of the island.


  • Physicality: Medium
    Physical rating

    From relaxed (low) to ones where you need to be fit to join in.


    No surprises here. These tours/activities are those most anyone can do if they are fine with fairly flat walks and getting in and out of transport.


    Like to be active, even very active, but not pushed too far. This is the one for you.


    These tours/activities require you to be very fit. Probably not suitable for children.

  • Group size: from 2 to 10 people
  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 9.30 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (9.30 AM - 5.00 PM)


Tour Includes:

Zip-line riding

Equipment and guides

Lunch - Traditional Mauritian menu:
rice, farattas
Chicken Curry, Fish Curry with Aubergine
Pumpkin, Brede Songe, Gros Pois, Chatini Coco, Pickles, Chilli paste
Desert:Anana Roti et glace 

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Participant Guidelines

Recommended to bring:

- Sun cream
- Sunglasses
- Comfortable shoes are a must
Mosquito Repellent is a must

No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on the trip and it is recommended not to do so 24 hours prior to such a trip to ensure your full enjoyment.