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Grand Bay

The undersea walk takes place in 3-4 metres of water in the lagoon.
Getting in and out of water is safe and easy.
16 people can be taken on board & 8 people can go down at one time.
Wetsuits are available free if required and soft diving boots are provided. Clients need to bring only a swimming costume and a towel.
Total time of the excursion is approx. one & half hours (the walk itself is for about 20-25 minutes).
The minimum team consists of 5 trained & experienced monitors on duty to assist at all times (1 platform manager, 2 surface divers, 1 monitor, and a boatman).
Operation from Grand Bay, with different pick up points but all pick up times are the same 9 am, 10.30 am, 12.00 pm 13.30 and 15.00 hrs.
Group timings can be arranged on a schedule which can allow up to 100 people per day to take part.
Operation every day of the year except Sundays, Christmas & New Year’s Day.
The Solar Sea Walk is environment friendly.
A Solar Powered System was incorporated 10 years ago in the air supply running six electric compressors

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  • Group size: from 1 to 16 people
  • Pickup location: 

    Grand Bay

  • Drop-off location: 

    Grand Bay

  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 9.05 AM) | (10.30 AM - 10.35 AM) | (12.00 PM - 12.05 PM) | (1.30 PM - 1.35 PM) | (3.00 PM - 3.05 PM)
  • Drop-off time: (10.30 AM - 10.35 AM) | (12.00 PM - 12.05 PM) | (1.30 PM - 1.35 PM) | (3.00 PM - 3.05 PM) | (4.30 PM - 4.35 PM)

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