Mauritius Tours

Mauritius provides the settings for memorable moments from beach weddings to sightseeing to more adventurous exciting activities and excursions like trekking through the national forest or hiking down mountains that you should not miss out on!

Exploring the island with Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd, will not only meet your expectations of seeing the highlights Mauritius has to offer - but also offers a way of supporting nature and the local culture through The Rainbow!

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The Rainbow IO labels:IslandOceanCultureSynergy 


The Rainbow IO - A lifestyle tourism concept with emphasis on sustainable tourism where ECO, Adventure, Wellness and the local Culture are in focus.


Introducing The Rainbow IO Elements

Each tour or activity awarded a Rainbow element, labelled, is meeting criteria for sustainable tourism, which in terms means that the operator/ activity;

  • Is provided with appreciation of environment and its inheritances, and may well be a genuine ECO activity/tour,
  • Take great precaution in preserving and/or protection of the environment,
  • Have a Corporate Social Responsibility, and
  • Practice a clean environment policy that is also conducted on the activities/tours.

Commend for the all activities/tours; are that participants are required to support these criteria and help enforcing them. This means that if you join a Rainbow activity/tour, you have to minimise the impact of your presences and may well be requested to assist in remove debris left by other visitors or brought to the shores from other countries.


The Rainbow Elements are as follows:

  • Ocean; covers all sea and water activities
  • Islands; covers all earth and nature activities
  • Culture; covers all art and people activities
  • Synergy; covers all wellness and holistic activities



Duration: 8 hours
Duration: 4 hours