Mauritius Tours

Mauritius provides the settings for memorable moments from beach weddings to sightseeing to more adventurous exciting activities and excursions like trekking through the national forest or hiking down mountains that you should not miss out on!

Exploring the island with Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd, will not only meet your expectations of seeing the highlights Mauritius has to offer - but also offers a way of supporting nature and the local culture through The Rainbow!

Experience diving at the North of Mauritius

Diving Mauritius promote recreational diving including single dives, dive packages offered through our local partners, your local connection!

ou are sure to there is plenty of exciting dive sights providing diving for all levels. Here a short boat trip ride takes you to some of Mauritius top dive spots of the North including Coin de Mire, Merville Aquarium, Stella Maru and many more.