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Tying the knot in Mauritius should be the ultimate romantic experience for you and your future spouse; however, some formalities are necessary to make your marriage legally valid. With our experience, Lolotte Rental and Tours provides the necessary knowledge to get you through all aspects of your island wedding in the easiest possible way.

We are indeed great romantics at heart and eager to help you make the most of your wedding in Paradise, no matter what setting you choose for it! We will accompany you on your way to sign the pre-prepared documents, find the prettiest church or temple, book the catamaran or oversee decorations for your beach wedding at sunset. For your big day, your wish is our command.

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 Civil Wedding Mauritius

Prior to client's arrival:

An application for civil marriage must be submitted one month prior to the wedding date. Your papers should therefore reach us at Mauritius five weeks before you arrive.


After client's arrival:

Please allow for half a day to finalise legal documents for the civil ceremony in Port Louis combined with a complimentary city tour.

Religious Wedding Mauritius

Prior to client's arrival:

An application must be submitted to the concerned authority at least three months before the date of the religious ceremony. Therefore, we need to have all the papers 13 to 14 weeks before the ceremony.

After client's arrival:

The religious ceremony performed by a priest involves additional administrative formalities with the church. The amount payable is negotiable and depends on the location. Please allow half a day to complete wedding formalities, introductions and payment of fees before the ceremony. 

The duration of the ceremony can vary between 30 minutes and a full day depending of the type of ceremony and rituals the couple chooses.

Cancellation Policy


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We strongly recommend you download and print a copy of the "Booking Terms and Conditions" for future reference.

Children policy

Not applicable.

Participant Guidelines

Requirements for civil marriage:

(i)   Two photocopies of each birth certificate drawn up in English/French. The date of issue of the birth certificate must not be more than 3 months.
(ii)  Two photocopies of each passport (the 1st three pages only).
(iii)  Relevant documents in respect of divorce, widow/widower or change of name.
(iv) In addition to above documents, a French national should produce a "Certificat de capacité de mariage".
(v)  A certificate of non-citizen and non-resident is issued to the parties in Mauritius after verification of their documents whose date of issue shall not be more than 3 months.
(vi)  The marriage is celebrated in the office or in any private premises by the Civil Status Officer of the locality where the parties will reside after a publication of banns of 24 hours.
(vii)  However, where any party cannot produce any civil status document, he may instead produce an affidavit sworn in his country of residence or in such form as the Registrar of Civil Status may approve.

Two witnesses are required to be present at time of the marriage ceremony.

Requirements for church wedding:

1. Baptism certificates issued by a church in the country where the couple comes from, attesting that they both are Christians and are entitled to marry in a church.
2. Birth certificates
3.Identity cards or photocopy of passports (the first 3 pages only)

Please note that religious weddings in Mauritius are not legal without the civil formalities being conducted prior to the religious ceremony.

Please bring all original documents for the actual ceremony.

Other Disclosures

Additional information

The wedding fee includes thorough preparation of your documents upon receipt, filing of documents at specific offices, legal fees for the civil status officer, and transport to and from the legal office in Port Louis.

We will also take you on a guided city tour after the paperwork is done, to make even this day a special one. On this private tour, you will be accompanied by an experienced Lolotte Rental and Tours' driver who will also act as your guide.