Mauritius Accommodation

Mauritius hotels are known for offering excellent value for money, and for providing the facilities and amenities you would expect from luxury hotels that can make it hard to choose between them. Let us guide you to select the ideal accommodation for your holidays in Mauritius.

Below you will find a range of Mauritius accommodation options including holiday rentals. We encourage you to let The Rainbow IO guide you to a great, memorable and sustainable business travel or vacation in Mauritius.

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The Rainbow IO Hotels in Mauritius
Hotels meeting criteria for Sustainable Tourism


The Rainbow IO - A lifestyle tourism concept based on sustainable development with a focus on Social Responsibility, Sustainability and the local Culture.

The seven hotels selected by the Rainbow have demonstrated that they embrace local culture and include local products, the local lifestyle as well as provide employment for local residents. Conscious of their environmental impact, they seek to protect nature and foster collaboration with local tour operators on the international travel market in a system of fair opportunity.

In addition to being awarded the Rainbow Logo, each holiday accommodation is assigned one of the seven rainbow colours. These are based on the Rainbow elements represented in and around the property, as well as the emotions that are felt by the guests during their stay.

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Special Deals
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